BFO - Paul Smith - Poul Smith for Men - 50ml


BFO - Paul Smith - Poul Smith for Men - 50ml
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Minyak wangi inspirasi daripada Paul Smith - Poul Smith for Men. Minyak wangian tulen mirip Paul Smith - Poul Smith for Men boleh dicampur dengan alkohol atau minyak untuk dijadikan minyak wangi, Eau de Parfum, Eau de toilette, Eau de Cologne, Perfume Kabus. Kami merupakan pengimport dan pembekal utama minyak wangi dan minyak pewangi di Malaysia.



Saiz Pembungkusan yang boleh didapati:


10ml, 50ml, 500ml



Bagaimana untuk membuat minyak wangi : - Minyak Wangi pelbagai yang lengkap, dan Minyak Essential

Jenis Perfume mencerminkan kepekatan sebatian aromatik dalam pelarut, di mana dalam aroma halus biasanya etanol atau campuran air dan etanol. Pelbagai sumber berbeza dengan ketara dalam jenis definisi minyak wangi.

Intensiti dan jangka hayat minyak wangi berdasarkan keamatan kepekatan, dan umur panjang sebatian aromatik (minyak essential semulajadi / minyak wangi semulajadi) yang digunakan: Sebagai peratusan kenaikan sebatian aromatik, begitu juga dengan intensiti dan jangka hayat bau yang dicipta.

Terma khusus yang digunakan bagi menggambarkan kepekatan menyamai peratusan wangian / isipadu minyak wangi, yang biasanya jelas atau tidak tepat. Satu senarai istilah biasa (Perfume-Klasifikasi) adalah seperti berikut:

1. Ekstrak Pewangi,atau hanya minyak wangi (Extrait): 15-40% (biasa 20% IFRA)

2. Esprit de Parfum (ESdP) - 15-30% sebatian aromatik, kekuatan jarang digunakan kepekatan di antara EDP dan minyak wangi

3. Eau de Parfum (EdP) - Parfum de Toilette (PDT): 10-20% (tipikal ~ 15%) sebatian aromatik, kadang-kadang yang disenaraikan sebagai "eau de perfume" atau "kilang ¨ | Sime." Parfum de Toilette merupakan satu istilah yang kurang biasa yang umumnya mirip kepada Eau de Parfum.

4. Eau de toilette (EdT) - 5-15% (biasa ~ 10%) sebatian aromatik

6. Eau de Cologne (EdC) - Malaisie jenis sitrus minyak wangi dengan 3-8% (tipikal ~ 5%) sebatian aromatik. "Eau de Cologne Asli" adalah tanda dagangan berdaftar.

7. Perfume Mist - sebatian aromatik 3-8% (tipikal pelarut bukan alkohol)  

Kami membekalkan wangian utama, minyak wangi dan minyak pati di Malaysia. Sila hubungi kami jika anda memerlukan maklumat lanjut.  

Untuk membuat penjenamaan perfurme anda sendiri, sila isi borang ini : OEM Branding

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BF1 Fast respond, good service and highly recommended.

- 23th December 2016 5/5 Stars

Fast respond, good service and highly recommended.

BF1 Good service. Delivery is perfect, after 3 days, i received my order.

- 23th November 2016 5/5 Stars

Good service. Delivery is perfect, after 3 days, i received my order.

BF1 everything you can find here to make your own cosmetic

- 22th November 2016 5/5 Stars

Essential Oils, glycerin soaps, castor soap, cosmetic coloring, glycerin, organic butter (shea, mango etc) almost everything you can find here to make your own cosmetic/skincare.

BF1 Good educating for homemade natural concept skincare products

- 22th November 2016 5/5 Stars

Good educating for homemade natural concept skincare products and perfume fragrances with many choice of raw materials options .

BF1 Body Lotion Class

- 22th August 2016 5/5 Stars

My sister and I have attended the course for making a body lotion recently. Iam so happy to learn new lessons. My sister and I start planning to take BF1 as our supplier for our business soon. And we look forward for other course for our knowledge and future product for our company..Thank you.. we much apreciated and excited to be one of your bis partner.

BF1 Essential Aroma Oils Delivery Was Very Fast

- 22th August 2016 5/5 Stars

I bought two essential aroma oils and the delivery was very fast. I am happy that Vincent took the time to update me on the progress of the delivery. The oils were wrapped up well to ensure no breakage or spillage. I bought the AO Lavender and Lemon grass and they smelt good, not artificial at all. I am very happy and will definitely buy again. And thank you for the free gift of the soap. Thank you!

BF1 Never disappointing. Excellent service and Good Communication

- 22th July 2016 5/5 Stars

I have bought countless times with them. Never disappointing. Excellent service and communication. Super fast delivery and parcel always arrives safely. Never damaged even with fragile contents. Seller often includes a little complimentary gift. Truly appreciate this.

BF1 Super Prompt Service And Reasonable Price

- 26th October 2015 5/5 Stars

Super prompt service, reasonable price & was even given free sweet smelling scrub with purchase. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Keep up the good work!

BF1 Essential Oils Made My Skin Texture Improved

- 13th August 2015 5/5 Stars

Excellent communication skill and super fast delivery of goods. Will highly recommend those who are looking for quality herbal and oil products.

BF1 Essential Oils Made My Skin Texture Improved

- 12th January 2015 5/5 Stars

All products I used was very high quality and very inexpensive. After about 2 months of using the essential, my skin texture has improved, its stopped looking and feeling dry, pigmentation is a little less obvious and pores are smaller. The only thing you have to improve is your office are running out of need more room for training purposes and for customer service ,it can enhance the working environment. Thank you.

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